Family Events

Stephanie's Wedding: Hopefully this will be coming soon, to this site, Right Steph? Christmas Thanksgiving

Christmas 1999

     We went to Grandpa Don's for Christmas Eve.  Lisa and Kristian were sick, but Uncle Roger brought Taylor, Jill, and R.J. and they went to visit Grandma, later.  Then, Rick, Karen, Gina, Angela, Erik, and Darren and Karen's parents, Walt and Freda (lutefisk) Hendrickson.  Marian also came and brought a terrific twice-baked potato recipe. 

Ang, Freda, Rick, Gladys Freda visits Gladys at Aloha House
Karen sets up for Lutefisk dinner Barista Darren brews espresso for all Darren tests his concoction
Walt (Karen's Dad) and Don Rick tries out his dance moves Group shot (to view larger, right mouse click over this image and "save as")
Walt, Freda, and Rick sing Christmas carols Angela plays Christmas carols while Walt sings along Freda and Walt (Karen's parents) and Ang and Rick practice for the Cotillion.

Thanksgiving 1999

    Thanksgiving was celebrated at Aunt Suzi's house.  The entire Hansen clan attended, save Adam Hamilton.  Keri came and introduced her new husband, Tono, and brought their five (of six) children.  Grandma Gladys also paid a special visit.  Stephanie announced her engagement.  She will be married next fall. 

Suzi Marcus, Erik, Zachary Rick
Rick, Don, Karen Taylor and Peggy (mom) Marian and Marissa (Keri's daughter)
Grandma and Keri Keri and Grandma Keri, Grandma, Marian

Tono, Keri, Zachary, and daughter