Picture Memoirs of Gladys Genevieve (Gabrielson) Hansen

Erik Hansen, Darren Hansen, David Hatschek
Flowers sent to the church
Church alter
Karen Hansen, NAME, Suzi Freeman
Rick Hansen prepares the pickles
Darren Hansen, Gina Hansen, and Keri Pomerleau practive before the service
Gina and Keri run over their song
Guest book at the church
Photo collage
Cake and drinks
Photo collage at the Wandering Creek clubhouse, where the reception was held
Food for the reception guests
Margaret and friend preparing the food
Don, somebody, and Kathy
Guest book at the reception
Mrs. Elzenga, Freda Hendrickson (Karen's mother), Mr. Elzenga, Walt Hendrickson (Karen's father), Dan Hendrickson (Karen's brother)
Angela Hansen plays a little reception music.
Look at all the flowers that were sent!
Gladys' remaining sisters.
Bruce Hawney, Lisa Hansen, Bruce's brother
Serving up the food.
Lynette and husband speak with somebody.
Wendy Hansen chats with the Bulaycas.
Socializing in the clubhouse.
Aunt Oralee speaks with Marie Hansen (Lyle's wife)
Aunt Marian (far right) and friends from her prayer circle.
Rick chats with Steve. Don in background.
The remaining sisters Betty, Betty's husband, Dorie, Frankie, and NAME.
The remaining four of the five little peppers, or Gabrielson girls.


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