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Don's father was baptized Hans Albert Hansen. Because his grandfatherís name was also Hans, he changed his name to Albert Hans Hansen. At any rate, he was born in Brayton, Iowa, in Audubon County. He was born on April 1, 1891 and lived until July 9, 1973.

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Adelia Catherine (Anderson) Hansen, Donís mother was born in Wiota-Massena, Iowa, in Cass County. She was born August 27, 1897 and lived until 12 15, 1991 in Seattle, WA.

Donald was born July 18, 1916, in Atlantic, Iowa.

His brother, Lyle, followed six years later on June 6, in Brayton.

Don's sister, Pat, was born April 7, 1932.



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Grandma Cristina(?) Hansen (Christian Hansen's wife, Frank's mother) came from Rō, Denmark