The Don Hansen Story: One Chapter at a Time
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Tales of Hans Christian Hansen's Journey From Denmark


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A person's story and their connectedness to so many people they have touched in their lifetime is often forgotten without it being written down and shared with others. Since the advent of the internet, so many connections have rekindled the memories of so many people around the world. For this editor, it has included a reconnection with those from the Old Country and a recollection of so many stories from years passed and favorite memories shared with the authors. Many of those with whom both men knew in life have commented that rereading these stories was almost like hearing them as they used to be told while they were still alive. The stories of both authors were recorded in their living days, and published online in memorium.

This site remains under the care of granddaughter & grand neice, Gina Hansen. Since publishing the stories online in 1998, many responses have been received from abroad, ranging from WWII researchers to those seeking to understand more about common histories. Any questions should be addressed tos

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